Meredith - Fearless Leader


So this is me.. I began stitching when I was 6 years old! My best friend's mother taught me how to do embroidery and by the time I got to 6th grade I had that pillow case covered with iron on transfer designs in a rainbow of colors. I stitched all through high school and college. I love needlework of all types and have a thriving passion for it. I am so thankful to do what I love every single day!

Marcey - Accounting CFO


Marcey is a Bee Keeper (a woman after my heart) she also loves flowers and used to have her own flower shop in Frankfort Kentucky. She Is married and has 6 grandchildren who she spends a lot of time with. She has been with The Meredith Collection since 2010 and is contracted to work until the copier lease is up…. And then I have another way to keep her coming back!

Susan - Chief Order Facilitator


Susan has been with The Meredith Collection since 2008. She is our master switchboard operator (she won’t let me answer the phone and I don’t know why) and she handles all the orders for us. Susan is an excellent stitcher but she will tell you she doesn’t stitch anymore since she starting working for me (slave driver is what she calls me) She keeps all of us hopping and has been an amazing asset to TMC. She is from Shelbyville Kentucky and has two grown children. Susan is an incredible tennis player!!

Donna – Painting and Design


Donna has been working for TMC for 6 years and has been a long time stitcher. She started taking classes from me when she was 8 years old! It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that we found out we are related – and even if we weren’t I would adopt her!

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